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O.G Kush

2 appointments tomorrow: i see my psychologist at noon and my psychiatrist at 4:30 and i have no car anymore, so not sure how i’m getting to either one of them bc my parents are both busy all day 


Anonymous asked:
do u answer private questions?

ya if i get questions off anon i usually answer privately, so yeah 

but i can’t if you’re on anon


Anonymous asked:
what mediccines do you take for your disorders?

i’ve answered this before

why do you even cAre

i’m answering again only bc my meds changed after my hospital visit

cymbalta, klonopin (2x a day 0.5 mg in morning and 2 mg in evening), lamictal, abilify, prilosec

i dont take my klonopin as much as im supposed to bc id rather smoke weed for my anxiety


Ive been hearing my dad scream at my mom about what a fuck up I am for the past half hour…. cool night